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Trying to sell a large lot

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Im looking to move a large lot of 1/24 & 1/64 diecast. Im not wanting to piece it all out so i thought i would try to sell the lot as a whole. Would ideally like to meet in person since this amount of diecast wouldn't be cheap to ship. Im in Bedford VA, its about an hour north of Martinsville.

Will sell the whole lot for $500. I think this a fair price, but if you don't, make an offer, the worst i can say is no. Im adding a 2013 Jeff Gordon AARP AUTOGRAPHED on the windshield 1/24. It was the hologram and is %100 authentic.
From a smoke free home.

Truex Busch Series #8 clam shell
Dale Jr / Kerry Earnhardt Bud/ Bass pro "happy father's day" 2 pack

Truex gift card promo (.01 on gift card) card is stapled to package; this is how it came from BPS

Truex clam shell
Truex blister pack w/ hood magnet (opened at bottom enough to get car out)
Truex test car blister pack w/ hood magnet (opened at bottom enough to get car out)
"Back on track salute to dale" clam shell
Dale JR- Truex (cup) - Truex (Busch) (raced version) - Menard- HOF car

Truex Dover win w/ hood
Truex (pre COT) H/O clam shell

Truex CFS contender clam shell
Truex H/O action clam shell

Petty heritage collection
79 Monte Carlo
81 Buick
72 or 76 Charger (not sure what year)

Dale Sr 86 Monte Carlo W/ hood magnet
Stewart Oreo Ritz Nationwide w/ hood magnet

Pine Branch Coal Promo (hard to find)- both auto graphed by Ryan Duff (?) (2008 & 2010)

Todd Bodine Elite

Truex (cup red)

Truex QVC color chrome Dover raced version (auto in black on wind shield)

Stewart prelude dirt car (hard to find)
AJ Allmendinger (signed by Scott Speed on the roof in gold, Scott also crossed off AJs name above the door in gold) (hard to find car)

Stewart prelude dirt car (hard to find)

Austin Dillon truck auto in silver on windshield
Ty Dillon K&N east auto in silver on windshield
Colon Braun - Conway Freight - Promo (hard to find) - Mustang - Nationwide Series

Harvick Budweiser$25
Harvick Bud Military Tribute (advanced run 1 of 290)

Jeff Gordon -AARP autographed on windshield in silver sharpie with official Gordon hologram and registration number to prove authenticity.

Odds and ends
Scott Speed press pass card 83/160 Battle Armor sheet metal card
Scott Speed 2009 Press Pass signings autographed card
Truex Jr mini helmet


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