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I have been helping my sister's godmother with cataloging her late husband's many various collectibles for potential sale should she decide to do so. Her husband was the parts manager for Maryland's largest Ford dealer for many years before his retirement. Yesterday, she gave me two of his 1/24 diecast cars as a thank you gift for my help, for which I was very grateful.

The #15 Motorcraft car says Revell c.1991 on the bottom.

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Hood Tire

Vehicle Car Tire Automotive design Automotive exterior

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Tin Motor vehicle

Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood

The #94 Mac Tonight car is from Action and has a very heavy diecast base.

Vehicle Car Hood Automotive design Motorsport

Vehicle Car Tire Wheel Hood

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Vehicle Hood Blue Car Toy
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