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US GP remains on track | Planet F1 | Formula One News

The US GP returns to the fray this year for the first time since 2007, with a new circuit in Texas being built for the event.
However, construction on the project has been a stop-start affair with the race plunged into doubt on more than one occasion.
It now appears that matters are progressing smoothly, with Wahl delivering a positive report after visiting the track.
"I can already say we will be ready earlier than November," Wahl told The Statesman.
"I'm sure it will meet all the requirements of Formula One. ... It will be one of the best tracks in the world."
The race in Austin could be joined by a grand prix in New Jersey next year and Christian Epp, the engineer overseeing both tracks, reveals that the two projects are very different and will play off each other.
"It's a completely different animal," Epp said of the New Jersey race. "It's more of an event."
"I believe there can be a synergy.
"It's easier to have two tracks to promote rather than one. I see that as a benefit for both if you play it right."
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