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Are the distributions of these Winner's Circle cars definate? I was just at a local Walmart, and all of the License Plate 1/64ths are gone, but now we have the ones with Coins and the Fan Card. What the hell? lol

1/64th with coins
Mark Martin
Kevin Harvick
David Gilliland
Elliott Sadler
Casey Mears (I think)

1/64th with Fan Card
Kasey Kahne
Jeff Gordon (Nicorette)
Dale Jr. (although, his name isn't on the plastic card... both were like that)

I just thought that was weird because they were there last time, but the license plate cars were supposed to be AFTER these came out.

Also, anyone out there want to pick me up a Denny Hamlin 1/64th ROY Winner's Circle window box car? I'm about to give up looking around here and it'll probably save on gas if I just get one from you guys and pay the extra shipping. LMK


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it all comes down to what they send the distributors, based on what each walmart orders may depend on what cars you get. for example if store A orders 6 cases while store b orders 6 cases after the first store has ordered then store A has priority and therefore will get the first available cases no matter what 'wave' they are. its not a fool proof system and sometimes they find cases from years ago from the distribution center that really screw it up.
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