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I can't believe such ignorant people can actually be elected to represent the rest of the people. I've never had a DWI,DUI. I don't have junk vehicles of any type. I'm very much known and seem to be wanted in my neighbor hood. Fact is I'm willing to bet that well over 80% of all Nascar fans live in households that are in the mid range tax bracket. Meaning this are the real working folks for every state. Look at any Nascar forum and see where everyone is from. It's not just a bunch of red necks watching cars go around a track it is folks from all over that enjoy the sport. Heck I see far less DUI, DWI, Drug related charges and all around good role models in Nascar than in ANY other sport other than maybe and I do mean Maybe, Golf. So sad that they stereo type Nascar yet can't see their own selves in a mirror!!
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