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WC Gordon Nicorette Hood

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Look who is back!

Probably not much though, with school and work and a three year old running around I do not have much time to sit around out here.

I am a little aggravated with just about everything going on right now with the 1:64 collectors world.

1. WC has resized thier packaging AGAIN, so that the cars fit neither in the old displays or the new displays I bought last year.
2. RCCA no longer makes 1:64 scale club or elite cars .... this is apparently being taken over by MA and I can only hope those cars will be packaged the same or all my cases for them will also be useless.
3. I do not even know what is up with the 1:64 scale action clam shells that have been shrinking over the years. I also have a half full display of those that I may now not be able to fill.

Oh by the way, does anyone have a Gordon Nicorette hood from last year? I still have not seen one here.
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Yes, there was a Nicorette hood last year, and a Foose hood as well. You know, it's awful quiet without you around.
hey blacker, that mix never made it anywhere near over my way or over your way
I'm sorry. Every time I tell myself I am going to get out here I end up doing homework till midnight and just pass out!

I found the Foose hood, and the test hood ... even got a couple extra for my boy to play with.

The only one I could not find was the Nicorette. I see it on ebay but prefer to deal with you guys since I know most of you already.
i found those but never saw the nicorette, i hit just about every walmart and target from slidell to baton rouge about once if not twice a month some times more. the only one i didnt hit was the one on college drive but from what larkin says it sux anyway. if i do see it i'll pick up an extra one
Yeah, the one on college is pretty lame. Central is my favorite since it is so close to my house, but the new Target on Siegan is so close to work and always stocked that I seldom have to go anywhere else. Some how I missed this one though.
Appreciate the help.
Same story here Noz, My old man still doesnt have the Nicorette car either. I cant say I have been looking hard, but I never saw that mix around NW Ohio at all either. Its a wonder I am not so gun ho as I used to be about collecting.
Me either, I might have bought 10 WC cars last year ... at least 4 of them my kid opened up before we got home. The only ones I was really concerned with were the RCCA cars, and now that looks like it has changed as well as the Action stuff.
I will give it some time to shake out, but how am I supposed to be able to collect and display anything to make it look decent if the basic size and shape of the packaging changes every year?

I do still keep my eye open for cool little promo things though, I like finding them.
If you sorry ***** showed your face here more than once a year, you would have your little toys. I saw plenty of Nicorette hoods around here and could have taken care of both of you guys. If I see any spares in my K-Marts here (I have one for myself-- I like green cars!!) then I will pick them up for you guys. It makes it a little more difficult when you ask for them four months after they come out. I'll see what I can do for you #1 Gordon Fan (Blacker) and #1 closet Gordon fan (Gotah8)!!!!
k-mart here got in over 100 1/64 cars before christmas. hood schedules from 2006.........little late. there were probably 5 or 10 nicorete cars. the place is a disaster. and i even remember stepping on a nicorette car, among others that were all over the floor in the isle!
LOL ... thats just my luck, you stepped on one! :))

I did not know they were NOT going to show up here until I see the new schedule hoods. Until then I figure they are just like every other WC release, 4 months late is right on time!
holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have a twofer showing of people that haven't been around in awhile. glad to see Blaker and Gota post. :what:
Ron3fan said:
holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have a twofer showing of people that haven't been around in awhile. glad to see Blaker and Gota post. :what:
Yeah, there goes the neighborhood again!!
hey blacker if you really need a nicorette hood i would glady let you have it for regular price, i really need to clean the ol closet out with all these 07's im picking up.
thanks Sall, I appreciate your offer.
I will be in touch, but I may I already have one on the way.

On that note, I only have one of those promo cars left that I offered for trade in the promo forum.
Gotah8jg&jj said:
My old man still doesnt have the Nicorette car either. I cant say .
coming out of the closet other than being a gordon fan?

I actually never found the nicorette car either, I've kinda given up on finding it
Our Kmart has about 10 or 12 of those Gordon cars.
Awe, shucks, you guys got me. I really am a gordo fan, I just like playing the role of the gordon h8er, and blaming it on my dad. Sheez, will you guys ever let this go? Is it that hard of a concept to grasp that my pops like Gordo, and I dont root for Gordo? Your killing me. My dad also like the Browns, and I like the Bengals, so you all better add that I am a Closet Browns fan as well! Oh, how I miss the ridicule around here, glad the season started back up. If it werent for my dad constantly whining about that dam nicorette car, (in typical gordon fan fashion) and its open space on his wall, I wouldnt have even known to look for it. Sorry about that noz, dont get all fired up that I lumped gordon fans together yet again! Anyways, about the new size packaging, I didnt even know it changed. Was over Dad's house over the weekend, and he must not have any of the 07's yet, because all his latest stuff was the regular size that I had been used too. Think his latest purchases were the pit boards of Kahne and Gordon. The Kahne was pretty cool, but the gordon was just the regular old gordon, with a piece of plastic the size of a credit card in it rather then some stupid little sticker! Yet another reason I dont collect as much. Speaking of that, Im looking at my stuff, and I think the Hamlin Fedex car, and the Mayfield Pitch Black car were my only 2 purchases in the past months. Yes spool, I finally found a pitch black! Too bad it says Jeremy Mayfield on it, but that goes with the territory of collecting Dew Cars I guess. Anyways, thanks for the welcome back from those of you that welcomed me! I will try to get on a little more often now that the season has started back up again, and there is reason for me to be here.
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At least your not a Derrick Cope fan.
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