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Now that the issue of the COT has been addressed that it is A GENERIC CAR and there or no gray areas and that even the mention of a team making a change could bring on problems. Sounds like a reincarnation of 1984 with Big Brother watching.

What will be next? Naturally the next issue to be addressed by NASCAR will have to be the engines. There will be those who can no longer complain about the cars so they will be complaining about disparities in the engines and again accuse winning teams of cheating.

Then NASCAR will be left with no option than to make the engine standard to ensure all teams have an equal chance and to help reduce cost.

Then the question will be, Who will provide the standard engine? But knowing NASCAR it really won’t be that much of a question. It will go to the highest bidder.

If and when that day comes Brand Identity along with manufacturer support will be gone along with fans of Stock Car Racing and NASCAR will have no alternative than to go International for obvious reasons. MONEY.

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What is next for NASCAR is carbonfiber bodies that NASCAR will manufacturer and sell to the teams. They already do this in the Grand National Division. Crate engines? It's possible. Again, it's done in the Grand National Division. That would save a shitload of money on the teams and even up competition... BUT destroys the integrity of the teams and need for engineers. It's a slimy, shitty slope that NASCAR is on right now.
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