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Something I thought might get some disgussion going....what does your username mean?

Mine's pretty simple, I use my own name on every forum I belong to, which is probably more then 100 now, LOL. I post on 14 on a regular or semi-regular basis, two of which are Diecast boards.

One of the bonuses about using my own name is that I'm very highly unlikely to forget it...LOL.

I also go by El Camino Billy, which is my email address (all three servers I use have the same email address- [email protected] yahoo, fotki and gmail.coms) and also my Fotki user title.

That comes from my love of the Chevrolet El Camino, made from 1959-1987.

My ebay tag is Flamingsquirrellindustries...THAT one actually has a neat origin behind it...Many years ago, probably around 1988 or 89, we had lost power and, as it turned out, it was from a squirrell chewing it's way into a power line! I said "That poor flaming squirrell" and it kind of morphed it's way into that...lol. Unfortunatly, I didn't register with eBay until january 06 so I wasn't able to get elcaminobilly, which is what I wanted, of cource.

So....hows about you?

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thunder_alley began along time ago for me. I love Bristol because of it's size, I love the sound of the cars when they fire up. Bristol as everyone knows is thunder valley....so I basically dropped the V. I just stuck with me. I've used numerous number combos like 1820 (labonte/stewart), 1829 (labonte/harvick), 18, and currently 1984 (my birth year).

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i think mine is pretty self explanitory.

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mine comes from back when the first batman movie came out in 1989 and i had over dosed my hair with "Sun-In". well it damn near fried my hair orange. well the next morning when i went out with football, the sun hit it and it turned green. when needless to say the school started calling me Joker. at first i hated the name but then i thought about it and figured the Joker pretty much does what he wants, when he wants and gets away with it. so i figured in that aspect it was a pretty cool nick name and it stuck from there, plus all of my Joker Tats. i still to this day have people that call me that. and of course the # is my driver.

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Mine is very clandestine.

To most people it will actually mean nothing, to long time Gordon faithful they will remember BLACKER as the name Gordon gave his favorite car back in the late 90s, now housed at the Hendrick Museum.

To only those that know me best it is the foundation idea behind one of my all time favorite songs. Sill Not Black Enough, namesake being:

paint a shadow on my heart in shades of ebony
paint the sun out of the sky that rains over me.
no color in the heart of me, no colour in my veins
i cant go on till i get off, for me it's still not black enough
with darkness gone, my fear is seen
my fear is real, my fear is me

I always use this one or no1zson,(no ones son) as many from the other forum will remember. But that is another story altogeher.
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