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Written by Susan Wade.
Todd Lesenko, driver of Jim and Diane Dunn's Tap It Monte Carlo, is from suburban Edmonton, but he has a house in
Scottsdale, Az, so he drove "home" the day after the Winternationals ended. It was just in time to help his visiting 16-year-old niece shop Tuesday for a frilly dress for her high school graduation in June.

"She wanted a princess dress. We went and we looked and looked and looked. I think we spent about five or six hours, and it never materialized. What I liked she didn't like. But she had an opportunity to think about it overnight and the next day her auntie Liz [Todd's wife] went with her. She actually ended up buying the dress I thought would look best on her," he said. "I missed my calling, maybe.

"The truth be known, I actually do buy a lot of my wife's clothes. It's not my passion, but she's my wife. I'm a buyer, not a shopper," Lesenko said, He found it at a place he didn't expect. Trying to find a travel bag for Liz, he visited the Oakley store -- and, he said, "They had these big, fluffy, frilly dresses. It looked poofy. It looked good on her. It fit everywhere. What are you going to find better than that?"

Despite the fact he has caused Competition Plus to use the words "fluffy," "frilly," and "poofy" in a drag-racing article, Lesenko proved he isn't anybody's "shopping soul sister." He explained his shopping strategy: "It's like a wrench or a screwdriver. Or a hammer -- you buy it, it fits your hand, you hit the nail. It works. Why would you shop for that?"

Why, indeed? But Diane Dunn said she would go shopping with Lesenko. "He has good taste," she said. "That dress was breathtaking."
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