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2 of the 11 are Kraig Kinser in the family 11K.You dont know what kind of funding they have from there long time sponsors.

Cody Darrah in the Kahne # 4.Very little sponsorship on this sprinter.Cody is not a big name and will have to prove himself yet again to draw some sponsorship to the table.IMO they would of been better off keeping Paul McMahan for this ride.

By the end of the year you could have 9 travelers w/the Outlaws.The powers that be need to do something.They have rested on there butts and you cant rely on the past anymore.If Stewart and Kahne were to boycott WOO for a couple of races there would be 4 travelers.What promoter is going to pay $50,000 for 11 travelers?11 travelers is pushing the limit 4 would have Ted turning over in his grave.

WOO and WOO promoters have priced thereselves out of the dirt racing possibilites.By the time you attend a Woo race in Ca for food,tickets,t shirts,gas, your talking $350-500 per night.

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I agree with what you've said, and I don't think they're really getting any benefits from their rules against running other races. I wonder if they are regretting playing hardball with Sides.

Still, I'm not sure they could have done anything about Meyers; that seemed to be out of the blue.
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