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XFINITY Revamps Their Fan Experience for 2016 Season

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Entering their sophomore season as the title sponsor of NASCAR’s second-tier division, XFINITY hopes they’ve bettered the fan experience.
An important part of the company’s at-track activation is providing a combination of racing and what XFINITY as a brand has to offer. Called the XFINITY Zone, this year it will increase its presence with 15 track appearances. After rolling out in 2015, the Zone, located in the track’s midway, has been revamped for its second year to accommodate suggestions made for certain areas.
Features in the 2016 XFINITY Zone include:

  • The entrance to the Zone has a more open entrance to allow fans to see directly into the experience and what it has to offer
  • Additional features – such as a Virtual Reality experience (which can be seen here) and “Be the Broadcaster,” where fans can make a video of themselves calling the race – have been added to the Zone
  • The Champion’s Club highlights former champions, including Chris Buescher, the Comcast Community Champion of the Year, and offers fans instant giveaways (such as signed hats and posters)
  • Fans will continue to have the opportunity to take pictures with the XFINITY Series championship trophy as well as spin a prize wheel
  • An XFINITY Series car is featured in the center of the Zone for photo opportunities
  • XFINITY also continues to offer a look into their X1 Sports app
  • Current subscribers to XFINITY will be rewarded with a gift when they check-in at the Zone

Comcast, through its XFINITY brand, is in the second year of a 10-year partnership with NASCAR. For 2016, the series has adapted their own version of the Chase format and will showcase a new look ‘Dash 4 Cash’ program.
As the series just below Sprint Cup, the XFINITY Series wants to hone in on their ‘Names Are Made Here’ motto this year. Fans will notice it will continue to be shown during race broadcasts through commercials, in addition to being featured throughout the XFINITY Zone.

XFINITY Revamps Their Fan Experience for 2016 Season – POPULAR SPEED
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